Why Anti-Phishing Filtering and Training is Critical for Business Security

Phishing is a type of cyber-atack that targets employees using deceptive emails or websites to steal sensitive information or install malware on their computers. Phishing attacks have become one of the most significant business threats, causing financial losses, data breaches, and reputational damage. Therefore, businesses must implement anti-phishing filtering and training to protect themselves from this growing threat.

Anti-Phishing Filtering

Anti-phishing filtering is a security measure that blocks phishing emails before they reach employees’ inboxes. Anti-phishing filters use advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze email content, sender information, and links to identify phishing attempts. Businesses can prevent employees from accidentally clicking on malicious links or downloading malware by filtering out phishing emails.

Anti-Phishing Training

Anti-phishing training is a security awareness program that educates employees on recognizing and avoiding phishing attacks. The training typically includes simulated phishing attacks, where employees receive fake phishing emails to test their ability to spot and report phishing attempts. Anti-phishing training also covers best practices for email security, such as not clicking on suspicious links, verifying email addresses, and reporting suspicious emails.


Anti-phishing improves compliance. Many industries have strict compliance regulations, such as HIPAA and GDPR, which require businesses to implement security measures to protect sensitive information. Anti-phishing filtering and training help meet these compliance requirements.


ViaTek utilizes IronScales as our Anti-phishing platform.

IronScales is a comprehensive email security platform that offers advanced anti-phishing features to protect businesses from email-based attacks. Here are some of the specific IronScales features that can enhance anti-phishing filtering and training:

  • Automated phishing incident response: IronScales’ AI-powered platform can automagically detect and respond to phishing attacks, reducing response time and mitigating damage.
  • Employee phishing reporting: IronScales’ platform allows employees to report suspected phishing emails directly from their inbox, empowering them to be part of the security solution.
  • Real-time phishing intelligence: IronScales’ platform gathers real-time intelligence on phishing attacks, including threat actors, tactics, and indicators of compromise (IOCs), and uses this information to update its anti-phishing filters.
  • Incident response playbooks: IronScales’ platform provides incident response playbooks that guide businesses through the steps to take in the event of a phishing attack, ensuring a quick and effective response.
  • Simulated phishing training: IronScales’ platform includes a simulated phishing training module that allows businesses to test and train their employees on how to recognize and report phishing attacks.

To learn more about how ViaTek can help protect your company from phishing attacks, please contact sales@viatek.net.