The Museum of Boulder

The Museum of Boulder, formerly known as the history museum, is a nonprofit, private organization located in Boulder, Colorado. Its main building is the historic Harbeck-Bergheim house, near the University of Colorado Boulder campus. Today, it houses collections of natural history, Native American art, and Western art. In addition to the historical exhibits, it offers educational programs, and tours of the area's history are available.The museum is located at 2205 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302.

The University of Colorado Museum of Natural History is a museum dedicated to the study of natural history. Located in Boulder, CO, the museum offers an amazing experience for all ages. You'll learn about the life cycles of different creatures, the history of our planet, and the evolution of life. You'll also have a chance to learn about how the human race has changed the planet. There are even zoo animals in the museum.

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The CU Museum of Natural History is located at Broadway and 15th Streets in Boulder. It is constructed of local pink sandstone and features a Tuscan-style roof. The building contains exhibit halls that highlight different university departments. While some exhibits are permanent, others come and go frequently. The Museum also hosts lectures by scientists and educational programs for children of all ages. During the summer months, families can take advantage of free activities in the BioLounge.

The Leanin' Tree Museum of Fine / Decorative Art, The Museum of Colorado, and the nearby Art Center are three great ways to spend an afternoon. Both of these museums are in Boulder, Colorado. The Leanin' Tree Museum of Western Art showcased the private collection of Ed Trumble, founder of Leanin' Tree, Incorporated, a fine art greeting card publisher since 1949.

The Leanin' Tree Museum of Fine / Decorative Art, located on Longbow Drive on the eastern side of the city, features a huge permanent collection of paintings that has continued to grow over the years. The MacLaren Markowitz Gallery, located on the western side of the Pearl Street Mall, showcases contemporary art, ceramics, and iron sculptures.

The Kirkland is a Denver-based museum that has three main collections. The museum's historic building and studio were once the home of artist Vance Kirkland. Visitors can view the artist's original works in this setting. In addition, you can tour his original studio. The museum also showcases many other pieces from his life. Kirkland was a prominent artist of the time and is known for his vibrant paintings, which can be seen throughout the museum.

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The Kirkland Museum of Fine & Discerning Eyes: This Denver-based museum exhibits the work of internationally recognized artists. Visitors can view a representative sample of Kirkland's many styles as well as hundreds of works by other Colorado artists. The combination of these works gives visitors a clear picture of the evolution of art and design over the past 150 years.

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