Managed Services

Managed Services Plans are intended for companies that need a partner to take care of all their Information Technology needs. Think of Managed Services as an all-inclusive resort. You get as little or as much support as you need for a monthly fee that fits your budget.

How Managed Services works…
First we'll audit your network to get an idea of how many servers and workstations you have, as well as any other hardware that helps your business run. Once we understand your infrastructure and the services you need, we'll budget the costs needed to keep your network in top shape. If you ever encounter problems, we'll supply all the remote and onsite support you need until the issue is resolved.

What's included?
Our emphasis is on preventing problems before they happen. That's why we focus on maintenance activities like software updates, patches, backups, server monitoring and alerts, updating virus definitions, and reviewing logs. All labor costs for technical support are included as part of your monthly plan. We even provide after hours support when needed. 


Other Services

In addition to managing networks, servers and workstations, we provide the following business services.

Offsite Backups
If your building was destroyed by an unforeseen disaster, would your data disappear with it? Keep your data safe by letting us manage offsite backups.

We offer a wide range of security-related services to keep your business safe and productive. Fees vary depending on the service and, when applicable, the number of machines.Firewall Installation and Management keeps your network and customer information safe from intrusion, a must for all businesses. Mail Filtering stops most spam and infected email from reaching your servers. We also install and manageanti-virus and anti-malware software.

We can design new LAN and WAN installations and make improvements to existing infrastructure. We start with a clear understanding of your needs and match them with the right equipment, like switchesrouters and firewalls.

Mail Hosting
These days, email is as integrated into business as the telephone. Groupware servers, such as Microsoft Exchange Server, offer benefits like shared calendaring, rich email features and efficient organization of meetings. By trusting your mail hosting to ViaTek, your company will experience email that's reliable and safe.

Vendor Management
Our clients have expressed that one of the biggest values we provide is managing their relationships with other technology vendors. By working with these vendors directly, you can be reassured that all of your technologies such as your phone systems and internet service are integrated seamlessly.

Domain Registration
Need to register your website domain? We can get your domain set up and handle renewals to keep your site running.

A la Carte Services

A la Carte Support is best for companies with smaller networks. Because our strategy is to prevent problems like servers going offline, this type of support is best for businesses that experience few problems and don't need frequent backups and updates. While most of our clients prefer the all-inclusive support of Managed Services, some clients choose either A la Carte Services or a hybrid of the two.

How On Demand Support works…
Unlike Managed Services, clients who choose this level of support pay no monthly fee. Instead, they're charged only for the services they need. Examples include spyware removal, problems with email, and slow networks.

Help Desk
If there's a problem with your network, contact our help desk. We’ll immediately generate a ticket and work as quickly as we can on investigating and solving the issue. Tickets are usually handled by your personal account manager, which means the person working on your problem is familiar with your business. Help Desk requests made by our A la Carte clients are billed for time and materials at a fair rate.

Hardware Purchasing and Replacement
As a licensed Dell reseller, we make sure you get the best deals for the equipment you need. We'll assess any hardware issues and make recommendations for replacement or repair. we'll help you find and purchase the right hardware for your needs.