Managed IT Services

The All-Inclusive Business IT Support

Partnering with ViaTek means saying goodbye to unexpected break-fix bills and extended downtimes. Our managed IT services cover all your bases with proactive monitoring to eliminate issues before they cause stress.

Why Invest in Managed IT Services?

If it feels like you’re dealing with repair technicians every other day, you’re not getting the best IT support. IT infrastructures need 24/7/365 supervision, not Band-Aids and quick fixes. Managed IT services provide comprehensive support around the clock for a flat monthly rate, so you’re never living in fear of breakdowns.

The best part: Managed IT service providers don’t make money when you have problems – they lose money. It’s in their interest to proactively avoid problems.

At ViaTek, we know that IT is really about people, not technology. Our managed IT service plans start with an examination of what makes your employees do their best work, then formulate a strategy that fits like a glove.

Our expertise extends beyond day-to-day operations to encompass specialized IT projects. Whether it's implementing new software, upgrading infrastructure, or enhancing cybersecurity measures, ViaTek IT Support Company is your dedicated partner in navigating and successfully executing IT projects. We ensure that technology not only supports but also elevates the human experience within your organization.

What’s Included in ViaTek’s Managed IT Services?

Security Management

An IT plan that doesn’t prioritize security isn’t an IT plan. We make no compromises on the quality of cyber protection. Our baseline plans include the best antivirus, anti-phishing, and endpoint detection/response solutions on the market – giving you peace of mind every night.

Network Infrastructure Support

We build scalable networks and infrastructures to make business growth feel natural. Our technicians manage everything from planning and installation to improvements and system updates.

VCIO - Virtual CIO

Business technology should work seamlessly every day – making your operation smarter through strategy and implementation. Our People-First IT consulting approach works closely with your organization, acting as your Virtual CIO, to find what works best, what needs improvement, and how to make work life more efficient.

Cloud Hosting

Some tasks are best managed in the cloud – others are not. We’ll find the perfect hybrid formula for your business to make operations smooth and efficient for everyone.

Employee Training

Your employees are the heart and soul of your business. They deserve tech features and processes that bring out the best in them. ViaTek’s technicians work closely with employees to make sure they're using every component to the fullest.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft is jam-packed with awesome tools – and we want you to make the most of them. Whether it’s Microsoft Teams, mail hosting, shared calendars, or anything else, we’ll ensure Microsoft deployment is seamless and reliable.

Work-from-Home Strategy

The shift to remote workplaces creates a host of challenges. ViaTek makes this new reality safe and productive with security management, VPN, single sign-on technology, and more.

Vendor Management

Dealing with multiple vendors and finger-pointing is bad for everyone. That’s why we take the full reins on vendor management – so you can focus on running your business (without interruptions).


Issues happen in IT – and the severity depends on how prepared you are. We conduct daily offsite backups of your business data so you’re always prepared for the unexpected.

Help Desk

When you have a question or concern about IT, you deserve quick answers. ViaTek immediately generates a ticket and works to resolve issues as quickly as possible.

Hardware Purchasing & Replacement

ViaTek is a licensed Dell reseller. When you need upgrades or replacements, we’ll make sure you get the exact equipment your people need – at the best price.

Our Managed IT Services Plans
The ViaTek Approach

People-First IT is about making employees the priority.
Here’s how we do it:


“Hindsight is 2020” is never a phrase we like to use. Our technicians monitor your IT day and night to keep your business running smoothly.

Fast Responses
Fast Responses

No one likes playing the waiting game, especially if it interrupts business operations. ViaTek responds to all questions and concerns within minutes.


Every company needs reliable IT support, and every company has a budget. We’ll work closely with you to map out a strategy that covers everything – for a reasonable monthly rate.

Friendly Support

IT is a people business – so we only hire technicians with great interpersonal skills. When you work with us, you won’t get any condescending lectures, eye rolls, or anything else. That’s a promise.

Who Benefits the Most from ViaTek’s Managed IT Services


“We started working with ViaTek in the middle of a move and during the summer of the pandemic after our previous IT company failed. We needed quick and immediate help and their team was incredibly accommodating. They had us up and running in hours and since then, they have been great to work with. Anything that they couldn't help us with, they had great references to refer us to and the things they do help us with is always done timely and well. Myself and everyone at MacPac Fulfillment highly recommend them.”

— Stephanie Conrad, MacPac Fulfillment

“We have been working with ViaTek to augment our IT needs for close to twenty years. They actually supplied our very first server. At that time we were about 10 employees, now we are over 200. ViaTek has always been able to provide us with great equipment and support. Their managed services, security stack, and backups are a great way to go.”

— Jeff Slock, Nite Ize
Nite Ize

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