IT Projects

What’s Included in ViaTek’s Managed IT Services?

Do you have an IT project coming up and need to minimize downtime?

There’s never a convenient time for an IT project – but that doesn’t mean the process has to be long and painful.

We understand that IT is fundamentally about people, not just technology. Our Managed IT Services plans kick off with a thorough examination of what empowers your employees to deliver their best work.

ViaTek provides professional IT project services to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. Whether you need us to support your internal staff or manage the project completely – we’ve got you covered. Let’s improve your IT infrastructure the right way.

At ViaTek, we recognize that IT is ultimately about people, prioritizing their needs over technology alone. Our managed IT service plans commence with a thorough understanding of what drives your employees to excel, crafting a strategy that seamlessly integrates with your unique work environment. Furthermore, as your trusted IT Support Company, we extend our expertise beyond routine operations to encompass specialized IT projects.

Is Professional IT Project Support Worth It?

There are a million things that can go wrong during an IT project – and set you back weeks (or months). An IT project support provider makes sure you navigate the obstacles and don’t experience interruptions. Here are the major reasons why project support services are worth every penny:

Work with Seasoned IT Project Managers

IT project managers spend their careers making tech transitions run smoothly. They know what challenges lie ahead – and how to work through them efficiently.

Reduce Downtime

Downtime is the great fear in every IT project. Professional IT project support sets your employees up to manage daily responsibilities per usual throughout the process.

Train Employees

All IT projects usher in big changes – and employees shouldn’t feel lost at any point. IT support providers are there to make the transition period easy for everyone.

Future-Proof Your IT

IT transformations are about accommodating the company’s needs of today, tomorrow, and the foreseeable future. Professional IT project support will make sure every change is a positive one.

ViaTek’s IT Project Services

Compliance Audits

Stop stressing about confusing protocols and fines. ViaTek is here to take HIPAA and PCI compliance off your worry list.

Cyber Insurance Audits

The growing need for cyber security isn’t letting up – and insurance companies are always raising the standard. Our experts will assess your risk factors and help you avoid issues down the road.

Microsoft 365 Migration.

Office 365 is an amazing system. We’ll guide your company in making it one of your most powerful tools.

Virtualization (Cloud Desktop)

Let ViaTek help you leverage virtualization in the cloud to centralize admin tasks and reduce hardware costs.

SAN Storage

Make your organization more versatile and efficient with aggressive SAN storage.

Office Relocations

Office moves should be exciting – not stressful. ViaTek will carry out your relocation with precision, so you don’t miss a beat.

Hardware Deployments

ViaTek recommends, procures, installs, and trains your organization on all cloud/on-premise hardware solutions.

M&A, IT Migration, & Consolidation

No matter what your next business journey entails, we’ll make sure the process moves effortlessly.

Breach Mitigation

ViaTek provides fast incident responses, investigations, and future planning to keep your company safe after a breach.

Data Recovery

Our data experts will help you recover your precious data as quickly as possible – with minimal loss.

Backup Setup

Keep your business data protected with a reliable backup system – and stay prepared for the unexpected.

ViaTek’s People-First IT Project Approach

Understand the Big Picture

Step one is getting to the root of your goals with the IT project. We need to know what your vision is, what you need from the transformation, and how we can make your operation function more smoothly.

Design a Foolproof Strategy

Our IT project managers will work closely with your team and build a roadmap to execute the project efficiently. Most importantly, we’ll plan everything to avoid interruptions and minimize downtime.


ViaTek’s People-First IT project team will manage the transition every step of the way – leaving no stone unturned.

Adoption & Training

No IT project is complete until everyone is on the same page. We’ll make sure the new initiatives take flight and your workdays see a big improvement.

Ongoing Support

ViaTek is here to empower your employees with exceptional IT. If you ever have a question, concern, or issue after the project is complete, we’re just a ping away.

Let’s talk about your next big IT project.

Carrying out an IT project doesn’t have to be intimidating. We’re here to make it easy for everyone.