Exploring the Best Kept Secret of Boulder, CO: Boulder Public Library

Boulder, CO is not only packed with great outdoor activities and breathtaking scenery, but also attracts people who enjoy visiting cultural landmarks. One such landmark is the Boulder Public Library, a hidden gem in the city that offers a wide range of resources and services. From reading lounges to research areas and stunning architecture, the Boulder Public Library is an ideal destination for any bookworm or history buff. If you are a tourist or a local looking for a great spot to while away a lazy afternoon, then be sure not to miss the Boulder Public Library.

1. History and Architecture

The Boulder Public Library is as old as the city itself. The first library in Boulder was established on the local school premises back in 1870. The present library building was constructed in 1967. Its unique design, by renowned architect Charles Haertling, incorporates elements of modernist architecture. The building boasts ten floors with a rooftop garden that offers spectacular views of the mountains. The design elements of the building resonate with the idea of a library as a community space rather than just a place to store books.

2. Collections

The library houses over a million volumes of books, magazines, and audio-visual resources. The collections cater to a wide range of tastes and subjects, including specific research areas like Colorado history and genealogy. The library regularly acquires new materials, ensuring that patrons have the latest resources at their fingertips. The library also has a Rosetta stone language service where you can rent language-learning software from around the world.

3. Programs and Events

Aside from the impressive collections, the library also hosts a range of programs and events such as book clubs, children’s reading groups, and other family programs. They have an extensive annual calendar of events including workshops, classes, storytime, and several engaging cultural events. The library’s website has a calendar of events that you can access to plan your visit ahead of time.

4. Technology and Resources

The library isn’t just about books and events, it also offers the latest technology and resources for patrons such as computer workstations, Wi-Fi, Chromebooks, and other digital devices. The library has an enormous range of e-resources including access to scholarly journals, online encyclopedias, newspapers, and maps. You can access most of these resources from the comfort of your home with your library card.

5. Special Services

The library provides several special services for patrons to make their experience enjoyable. These services include a café located inside the library where you can grab a bite to eat while you read. They also have a great selection of local artwork that is rotated year-round for your enjoyment. Lastly, being an inclusive space, the library has accommodative services such as sign language interpretation for Deaf community members, braille books and audio assistance devices for visually impaired patrons.

The Boulder Public Library is an underrated site that truly deserves a visit. The beautiful building, extensive resources, programs, and special services make it a remarkable experience for everyone. Whether you are a local or a tourist, you should take the time to explore the many things that Boulder Public Library has to offer. It is a cultural hub and a great venue for learning, recreation, and relaxation. You won’t be disappointed!

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