About ViaTek

Know more about ViaTek : We’ve been providing small and large businesses with all-inclusive IT support for 20+ years.


Why Our Clients Love Partnering with Us

We hire technicians for their friendly personalities.

We can teach anyone to manage business technology, but you can’t teach good personality. We’re on a mission to squash the stereotypical image of the rude, condescending IT person. That’s why our golden rule in hiring is everyone has to be nice. Plain and simple.

We’re techies through and through.

IT isn’t about fancy certifications and formalities – we have them – but the best IT management stems from passion. Our genuine devotion to helping clients leverage business technology is the reason we’ve been around for two decades.

We don’t create problems to sell expensive solutions.

Our business model isn’t based on aggressive sales tactics seasoned with confusing tech jargon. ViaTek clients pay a flat monthly rate – with a crystal clear understanding of how each solution adds value. The more problems you have, the less money we make.

We know there are no off-days in IT support.

IT infrastructures function around the clock – which means we do, too. ViaTek uses Remote Monitoring and Maintenance (RMM) 24/7/365 to watch your IT like a hawk and spot risks before they spiral into problems.

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter IT solutions.

IT templates and pre-formulated solutions might keep the status quo (if you’re lucky), but they won’t drive meaningful growth. Our services are based on detailed business discovery – so each IT strategy fits like a tailored suit.

“Proactive” is the only way we like to operate.

Managing IT issues in hindsight is not real IT. We don’t like putting out fires – so we do everything to avoid them altogether with quality antivirus, anti-phishing, EDR (endpoint detection and response), etc.

We try to do everything remotely, but we’ll go on-site when needed.

We love the beautiful state of Colorado – and we’re always trying to minimize our carbon footprint by managing clients' IT remotely. If we need to go on-site, we’ll drive over in our electric car.

We never surprise clients on their bill.

No one likes hidden fees and sneaky upcharges – we get it. Our clients never receive a bill unless they agreed to it beforehand. No tricks, no BS.

We love to talk, but we prefer to do.

We can talk our clients’ ears off all day (seriously), but that’s not why they hire us. We’re here to help businesses use technology to drive meaningful growth – and we’ve got results to prove it.

Our Core Values


We value helping and making an impact.


We want to be objectively good at what we do.


Fairness and doing the right thing, always.


Both in scale and in maturity.

Our Mission Statement

To empower more organizations to achieve their goals by providing industry-leading excellence in human-centered IT services.

The ViaTek Mindset: IT is about people.

IT management is not all about technology – despite what it might look like. At the end of the day, technology is about making people smarter.

The best IT strategies start on the human level: we need to understand what makes employees tick, which tech features they’re missing, where their challenges lie, and how IT can be used to improve their lives.

At ViaTek, we pride ourselves on providing People-First IT. We approach every client relationship like a puzzle. Our goal is to understand the big picture, then create a custom roadmap to improve productivity and (most importantly) company morale.


What We Believe

Relationships Are the Core of Quality IT Management

Customer service is at the top of our priority list – and is the baseline for every hire made at ViaTek. Our mission is to be your MSP for the long haul, providing all-inclusive IT support you can count on every day.

Productivity is the Real Product

If we’re not making your business more productive and increasing revenue, we’re not doing our jobs. Your company’s growth is tied to our growth.

Your Business Challenges Are Unique

Every business is different – whether you’re a franchisee, SMB, or large corporation. The best results in IT are based on a microscopic understanding of what makes you different – and which solutions are most beneficial to your employees.

Peace of Mind
All Clients Deserve Peace of Mind

No business owner should live in fear of data breaches or extended downtimes. You deserve to sleep every night with confidence that your business technology is secure and glitch-free.

The Backstory

ViaTek – an owner-operated company – was launched in 2002 with one mission: to provide businesses with friendly IT support that generates positive change.

We certainly won’t deny that we’re tech nerds, but we have no interest in bewildering clients with geek-speak. At our core, we’re customer service experts and creative problem solvers. Our job satisfaction comes from making life easier for clients and employees. If we can make people appreciate technology and improve their workdays, we know we’ve done our job.


Check out some of our proudest moments.

Let’s Start Putting Your People First

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