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We love to chit-chat with clients – but we’d rather let our work do the real talking.


“ViaTek continues to be a strong business partner in the community. They always live up to expectations, and they’re so straightforward and easy to get along with.”

— Louisville Chamber of Commerce

“ViaTek is our go-to source when it comes to any IT issue from keeping our servers up-to-date to keeping the company’s system free of spam and viruses.”

— Little Planet Learning

Put an end to your technology jitters with a People-First IT strategy.

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Where your victories are our victories.

What Should People-First IT Feel Like?

Friendly IT Support

A People-First IT strategy energizes employees and invigorates daily operations. Your support representative should feel like that tech-savvy (slightly geeky) family friend who’s always happy to help with your computer.

Proactive Support

Recurring problems and extended downtimes are the telltales of reactive IT. People-First IT is about managing risk factors long before problems arise – so employees can stay in the zone without interruptions.

A Team Mindset

Teamwork is the core principle of People-First IT Support Company & Managed IT Services. There will always be hiccups in technology – and they can’t be solved properly unless everyone is working together.

Clear Pricing

Gasps and eye rolls shouldn’t be the norm when looking at a bill from your MSP. People-First IT makes no mysteries about pricing structures and the value added to the business. Clients pay a flat, agreed-upon rate every month.

What Should People-First IT NOT Feel Like?


Patronizing lectures and dirty looks from technicians is the opposite of People-First IT support. Business technology should be your best friend in the workplace, never a source of stress.

Break-Fix Support

The break-fix IT model is a relic of the past (and good riddance). People-First IT manages your technology infrastructure 24/7/365 to avoid breakdowns altogether.

Apathy Towards Your Challenges

Long wait times and skimpy responses should never be the reality with your IT provider. People-First IT support means you and your MSP are in the same boat, no matter what. Your challenges are their challenges – and victories are a joint effort.

Sneaky Pricing

No one likes murky pricing models and nasty surprises on the bill. Tricky upsells masked by jargon-filled pitches are all too common in the tech world. A People-First IT provider is focused on your company’s growth – not aggressive sales quotas.

How ViaTek Approaches People-First IT

Security Foresight

Our IT security experts work around the clock to eliminate vulnerabilities and stay ahead of the latest threats.

Growth Strategy Planning

People-First IT strategy doesn’t just plan for today and tomorrow. ViaTek will develop a roadmap to seamlessly guide your business through the growth phase and beyond.


Business Examination

Just like people, no two business operations are the same. We need to figure out what’s working well, what’s not working well, and where your biggest opportunities lie.

Support You Can Trust

Our support reps function like your in-house IT team. No matter what the job is, we’re on it with a smile and a positive attitude.

Ready to start making your people the priority?

How Can We
Take the Stress Out of IT?


Hire us to implement a fresh approach to IT

If you’ve been living in a world of technology breakdowns, or are interested in developing a long-term IT strategy, talk to our People-First IT support experts. ViaTek - Colorado IT Support Company & Managed IT Services provider is here to take the headache out of business tech.

Enroll in our email course and Learn what a People-First IT strategy is all about.

If you’re not sure what an effective IT strategy looks like, developing a roadmap is an intimidating task. That’s why we encourage everyone to learn as much as they can about business IT before they make an investment. ViaTek - your top-rated Colorado IT Support Company & Managed IT Services, created an email course to teach you:

  • The basic principles of outsourced IT pricing – like when it makes sense to manage tasks internally and when to outsource to an MSP.
  • What an all-inclusive cybersecurity program looks like – and what you need to build one.
  • How to make IT one of your most powerful business tools to increase productivity, automate wisely, and avoid unnecessary costs.

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